Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Nelson Family

The Nelson's are a sweet family that asked me to do a photo shoot for them...little did they know what they were gonna get. Oh well, too late now.

A long time...

It has been too long isnce my last posting, I am aware of that. In my defense however, I have been busy with grad school and what not, as well as the fact that a while back my computer crashed taking lots of the photos I was saving up to share when I had the time into the abyss with it. But regardless I apologize to all you devoted fans out there eagerly waiting to see what comes from the lens next, all two of you (I can't even say "Hi, mom" since she isn't even looking anymore).

Living out East has its pros and cons. A big pro catageory though it all the history and humanity and culture that is out here. They have so much of it in fact that it just sits the rotting in a beautiful decay in many instances. Which is my opinion makes for some great art. What follows is a series at a locale called Savage Mill. I found it with elena a while back and scouted it looking at possible portrait and head shot locations, I fell in love with it.

It is an old convereted Mill that used to be connected to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (for you Monoploy players that is the B&O Railroad). It is original pump/steam house which replaced its water wheel for generating the power to run the plant has been sitting in disrepair and neglect for almost a hundred years. So long in fact that in some places stalagtites and stalagmites are starting to form as the calcite leeches from the concrete with the heavy rains and humiditiy. Imagine in a hundred or so more years it will be a man-made natural cave with formations. But enough blathering and jibber-jabber, enjoy the view.